Gone In 180 Seconds, Hackers Nick Your Beemer

By Jon Partridge on at

Not quite on par with the feats of Nicolas Cage, but retaining a helluva lot more geek cred, black hatted hacker thieves literally just pop into a BMW and utilise the keyless entry, driving away with a free motor. I'd hate to be the owner.

Keyless entry and start, despite looking extremely swish, is a pain in the arse for those who've had their pride and joys nicked, as it takes just three minutes for hackers to override the on-board diagnostics system and reprogram a blank fob to start up the car.

Dubbed as a industrywide security problem, the on-board diagnostics do not require a password to access and program a keyfob. Apparently it's a Europe-wide requirement so literally any mechanic and garage can read the diagnostic data. Hackers are utilising this backdoor to basically open car doors for them so they can drive away extremely discreetly. Think twice before dropping a ton of cash on a brand new BMW as you may wake up with it gone. [Wired.com]