Google Declares War On Drug Barons, Organ Harvesters and Other Scumbags

By Sam Gibbs on at

Google's decided that the world's bad guys need a kick up the arse. Last year it launched Google Ideas, its effort to tackle the "toughest human challenges" facing mankind. Initially it was extremism, but now "violent illicit networks" like the drug cartels have been put squarely in Google's firing line.

Basically, Google reckons that it can use technology to disrupt the global criminal networks that "depend on secrecy and discretion" to function. Somehow that sounds a bit like what Anonymous tried, before it all got (understandably) a bit too bloody for them.

Google's been working with people on the front line to try and learn how the networks that support the criminal underworld work, and it's now ready to take action. It's holding a conference combining Google staff; engineers; tech leaders; government officials, and those already fighting the good fight against the criminal horde. If you're interested, you can keep up with the summit on the INFO (Illicit Networks Forces in Opposition) YouTube channel or the Google Ideas Twitter feed.

I'm fully behind this one; fighting total scum bags like drug and human trafficking networks that cause misery all over the world is definitely a worthy cause. Let's just hope that Google doesn't bite off more than it can chew like Anonymous did. I get the feeling the Zetas and other violent criminal networks aren't exactly going to take this lying down. [Google]