Google+ Is YouTube's Secret Hate-Filled Comment Nuking Weapon

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's plan to bleach-clean the cesspit of YouTube comments is now rolling out to users around the world, coming in the predictable form of Google+ integration. Google's now asking us to grow up and leave our silly old pretend names behind, and to start being ourselves on the internet.

Try to leave a YouTube comment today and you'll see the above pop-up (if you have a G+ account), which politely asks you to ditch your carefully cultivated pretend online persona in favour of using real data and photos pulled from your Google+ profile.

Should you decline to use your real name, YouTube asks you why. You can then lie and say you're running your YouTube account on behalf of a band or business, or claim you're living the world of a fictional character, or just say you're not sure and will decide later.

So there's no need to do it at all, unless Google goes completely insane and stops people leaving comments unless they have a Google+ account at some point in the future, or lets video uploaders specify that only non-anon accounts may leave comments beneath their clips. Still, it's a start. [Beta Beat via Wired]