Hear a Nuke Detonate and the Chilling Sounds of the Excited Crowd Watching

By Gary Cutlack on at

The above video shows a live nuclear bomb test from 1953, complete with the original background noises, whoops and chit-chat of the innocent viewers who'd been invited to watch it all go off.

Nuke enthusiasts are loving this clip thanks to the lack of editing we usually find in news reports of blasts. You see the initial explosion and hear nothing but silence, then wait for the sound to catch up with the action and the blast wave to hit the viewers, who were standing some 11 kilometres away from the detonation point.

What's particularly horrifying to our modern ways is that this test was what the US military called an "open shot" at the time, an event which saw civilian reporters invited along to watch, film and no doubt enjoy seeing the incredible nuclear blast go off, like it was just a big, silly firework. [YouTube via Nuclear Secrecy]