Hipsterise the Entire World With the Instaglasses Rose Tinted Specs

By Gary Cutlack on at

This latest form of wearable computing is a concept piece designed by Markus Gerke, which would see a pair of "Instaglasses" specs automatically rose-tinting, posterising and Lomo-graphing everything you see, thanks to a camera that adds trendy filters to your whole life view.

The concept piece comes with a button between the eyes to activate the Instagram features and a filter selection on the arm, running off a 5-Megapixel camera sensor which would filter life and automatically make even the most mundane shopping trip look like a low-budget 1970s arthouse film.

Being a concept means Gerke can sidestep issues like battery life, wi-fi issues, the problem of getting beaten up for being a weirdo and more, but hey-ho. Clever idea. It'd work well in some San Francisco office blocks, at least. [Behance via Daily Mail]