Internet Defence League Wants to Go All Superhero on the Government's Arse

By Chris Mills on at

One of the hallmarks of the Batman series is the spooky spotlight that projects a bat into the Gotham night sky. Now, Batman's wannabe-geeky-alter-ego, the Internet Defence League, wants to steal some of the Dark Knight's awesomeness for their battle against the big bad government.

Mind you, the IDL version is just a little bit less badass -- rather than a big spooky bat striking fear into the hearts of criminals, it'll be a laughing cat that's meant to have anyone anti-internet quaking in their Luddite boots. The idea is that the physical symbols (which they're trying to raise funds for at the moment) will also exist online as practical tools to get the massed forces of the internet organised.

Any website owner that wants to be able to support activist movements like the one against SOPA will display the laughing cat icon, and then when the IDL needs support for a campaign, it'll notify all the websites displaying a cat icon and call on them to take action. Taking the fight to government and the media lobbyists -- that's what we like to see. Have a website? Follow the source to get the code. [IDL via Wired]

Image credit: Internet Defence League