Is the Lumia 1001 Nokia's First Windows 8 Phone?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Windows Phone 8 is just around the corner, and it seems we may have just caught a glimpse at what Nokia's cooking up thanks to its developer tools. A new phone called the Lumia 1001 was spied lurking in some Bluetooth settings; could it be the Lumia 900's WP8-packing successor?

The device name was discovered in Nokia's Remote Device Access tool, which lets developers connect to remote Nokia devices to try out stuff on real devices, and pops up when you try and search for other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Recently a Lumia 910 was spotted in the same developer tool, which is assumed to be another American variant of the Lumia 910.

We can't tell anything else about the phone right now, and Nokia could even be having a laugh here at our expense; there's nothing to say devices in the RDA have to turn into actual phones. When I first heard the rumour of a "1001", an image of a phone with a sliding door like the hideous Peugeot 1007 popped into my head, which I'm hoping Nokia has more sense than to produce. Then again, this could be Nokia's first PureView-packing Windows Phone too -- 1001 sounds awfully similar to the 808 -- probably absolute baloney, mind you.

Whether the 1001 is real or not, I'm pretty keen to see what Nokia's got up its WP8-loving sleeve with that fancy new start screen, and possibly some PureView imaging tech thrown in for good measure. [TechCrunch]