London 2012 Bans Knives, Drugs, Guns and... Portable 3G Hotspots

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's Olympic events will not be welcoming anyone carrying a 3G hotspot device, as all forms of "Wireless access points" are banned from being taken into the Olympic venues.

The devices appear on the London 2012 Prohibited Items PDF, which classes mobile base stations alongside firearms, alcohol and pets in the list of things you'll have taken off you if you try to sneak them into a stadium, with the site warning that "There are no storage facilities available and if you surrender an item, you won’t be able to get it back."

Which is rather an odd decision to make, as the majority of smartphones snapping away at the events will have the ability to also function as a wireless hotspot. Presumably this is to ensure Olympic sponsor BT can convince a few punters to pay to use one of the 1,500 Wi-Fi hotspots it's installing in and around the Olympic venues, and is therefore another example of the sort of weird, controlling vibe people are finding so uncomfortable about the Olympic preparations.

On the plus side, "noisemakers" such as air horns, drums and vuvuzelas are also banned from London 2012. [London 2012 Prohibited Items [PDF via Gigaom -- Thanks, Udimion]