Man Banned Swearing In Wales, But He Can F and Blind All He Likes In England

By Sam Gibbs on at

In another example of our incredibly bizarre and screwed-up legal system, a foul-mouthed blaggard from Wales has been banned from swearing in said country. Absurdly though, his "crasbo" only extends to the borders of Wales -- pop over to England and he can swear all he likes.

The 41-year-old Arron Vaughan was slapped with the crasbo (criminal antisocial behaviour order), after racking up a total of 32 public order offences. A serial alcoholic, he'd swear at just about anyone, aimlessly walking in the middle of roads and getting violent if anyone tried to stop him.

Vaughan now faces five years in the slammer should he break his crasbo, but only within Welsh borders, which doesn't make all that much sense to me. Still, at least he can pop across the Severn Bridge to get his fix of abuse -- lucky us. [Metro]

Image credit: Abuse from Shutterstock