Microsoft Puts its Big, Flabby Man Boobs Away and Apologises for Linux Joke

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hot from yesterday's shaming of a Microsoft coder's insertion of the childish "BIG BOOBS" hex code into a Linux routine, the software giant has apologised for its sexist slip and will be submitting some amended code to delete it from history.

The DD furore arose after the phrase "0xB16B00B5" was spotted in the Linux kernel, put there within some Microsoft virtualisation code. This made some people angry, or at the least mildly embarrassed due to vague sexism reasons, causing Microsoft to leap into action to save its reputation as an equal opportunities employer.

Microsoft said of the discovery: "We thank the community for reporting this issue and apologize for the offensive string. We have submitted a patch to fix this issue and the change will be published in a future release of the kernel." [Network World via The Register]