Millennium Bridge Gets a Human League Makeover

By Chris Mills on at

Remember The Human League, the band behind the terrible pop-synth No1 Don't You Want Me Baby? Specifically, do you remember Martyn Ware, one of the founding members? Because 30 years after his greatest hit, he's back with a "mesmerising 3D soundscape" for London's wobbly Millenium Bridge.

He's clearly moved on since the 1980s, trading leather jackets and synths for something a bit more artsy. His installation on the Millennium Bridge, part of our 'cultural Olympics', is an hour-long "immersive ambient electronic musical composition". It'll run along the length of the bridge, turning crossing the Thames into a far more cultural experience than you'd ever imagine. As Martyn himself says:

"The aim is to bring the river to life with relevant words and sounds that will trigger emotions. People react differently to sounds and words but they do react. 3D sound has the ability to amaze the senses, which to be honest are already being bombarded visually given the Bridge’s iconic status and excellent views along the Thames"

The one really cool-looking feature is a sideline installation that uses a webcam to monitor footfall and trigger sounds based on the number of people in a particular location. As for the hour-long soundscape, I just hope that people crossing to bridge aren't treated to The Human League's greatest hits on repeat, or there might be a few more swimmers in the Thames than we'd banked on this summer. [Illustrious Company via Telegraph]

Image credit: Millennium Bridge from Shutterstock