Nike's New Lightweight Football Boot Is Full of Beans

By Mario Aguilar on at

If you're a fleet-footed striker sprinting down the pitch towards the goal, every little bit of weight can make a difference. Nike's new GS soccer boot is the company's lightest ever thanks to its minimal design made of renewable materials.

A size 9 Nike GS boot weighs 160 grams, which is just heavier than the 140 gram iPhone and a full 30 grams less than Nike's next lightest boot, the 190 gram CTR360 Maestri II FG. The company says it achieved the lightweight design with a material called "Pebax Renu" that's made of 97 percent castor beans. By using the material on the boot's sturdy bottom plate, Nike is able to reduce the weight of the plate by 15 percent. The Nike GS will be available in August for around £250. [Nike]