Nokia Keeps the Weird Phone Names Coming; WTF Is a Lumia Dogphone?

By Jon Partridge on at

While we spied the Lumia 1001 codename yesterday, Nokia keeps the ball rolling and us guessing by apparently throwing out a few strange names for various Windows Phone devices such as Fluid, Phi, P4301 and of course, the Dogphone. Er.

Whether these are set for Windows Phone 8 is anyone's guess, and what exactly they look like is equally vague, but these code names really tickle our fancy. Who knows what the Dogphone could be -- perhaps it's something for our canine friends? The P4301 also brings up a few questions, as it could be something to do with PureView technology on a Windows Phone device, which certainly would be a phone to get excited about.

All we can do is keep speculating and waiting for Nokia to let loose some more juicy information. Let us know what you think a Nokia Dogphone could be in the comments. [Cnet]