Not Excited About YouView? How About if the Box is Free?

By Gary Cutlack on at

ISP TalkTalk, one of the key backers of the newly launched YouView TV service, has announced its plans to bundle up the potentially useful catch-up terrestrial telly box with its internet bundles, giving the box away for free to some customers. Like it now?

TalkTalk's offering the free YouView boxes to those who agree to a 24-month contract (or re-sign their existing deals for another two years), mobile phone subsidy style, which will see the £300 box arrive at their addresses for free. The deal is available in conjunction with the ISP's Plus service, which gives out unlimited internet and calls, starting at £14.50 a month.

If you're not with TalkTalk, a similar deal is on the way from BT at some point in the future, offering the same 74 Freeview channels and 7-day catch-up TV options.

Or if you'd rather go SIM-free style instead, the Humax-made YouView box is available in places like John Lewis and the usual tech retailers for £299 right now. [TalkTalk]