Orange Tempts the Kids With 1GB of Free Data, Texts and Calls

By Sam Gibbs on at

The banks have done it for years -- offer free stuff to get kids locked in for life, now Orange is having a stab at it. It's offering those under the age of 24 (or just pretending, perhaps?) 1GB free data, and free texts and calls to other Everything Everywhere users.

The catch is that you have spend at least £15 a month on post or pre-pay, which on PAYG means a 15-quid top up. The good thing is it doesn't actually use said credit to buy the "free" stuff, it really is, genuinely free stuff. Considering 1GB data plans are relatively hard to come by on their own, especially free, it doesn't sound like a bad deal at all. It's open to all customers, new and existing alike, so get grabbing your free data if you're on Orange already.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the other networks will follow suit soon, which could mean it'll be a golden era for the young mobile addicts among us. Now, anyone got any tips for passing as under 24? [Orange via T3]

Image credit: Kids from Shutterstock