Porn's Seriously Looking at Google Glass

By Sam Gibbs on at

That awesome Google Glass demo proved that strapping a decent quality camera to the faces of extreme sports nutters made for some awesome first-person viewing. Funnily enough, porn thought the exact same thing, and Google should be happy about it.

It's incredibly easy to see why porn's interested in Google Glass, but the interesting thing for us is that porn has historically made technology. Look at the VHS versus Betamax war -- porn sided with VHS and it won out. The same thing has happened time and time again with various technologies through the ages, so that probably means that if porn adopts Google Glass it'll get a massive kick in its forward-looking pants.

Most of us are a bit weary of strapping technology to our faces because it's just not socially acceptable. Porn won't make Google Glass socially acceptable on its own, but where porn goes others normally follow. We could see non-blue movie studios pick up Google Glass too, especially if it genuinely succeeds in porn. If that happens, it's only a matter of time before it becomes socially acceptable and everyone's free to embrace the wearable computer with open arms. That's a day I will celebrate, and it'll be all thanks to porn, oh, and Google, of course. [Android Central, PC Mag, XBIZ]

Image credit: Ritchay (thanks dude!)

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