Print Off Some Brilliant Gold Running Shoes To Make Gold Medal Winners Jealous

By Jon Partridge on at

A lot of people really dig their kicks. Whether it's a pair of Vans or Converse, or a classic pair of retro Air Jordan's, everyone wants something fresh on their feet. But athletes need something else, something specific. These? These are made for running. But oh yes, there's something else about them. These shoes will catch everyone's attention on the track, not just because they're blimmin' gold, but also because they were made on a 3D printer. Who needs an Olympic medal?

Okay, an Olympic medal might be a nice accessory to match, but these 3D-printed trainers are pretty special indeed. Designed and engineered by Luc Fusaro, he's developing these golden boots with athletes in mind, especially those who love the track. Dubbed "Designed to Win", the golden colour really embodies this ethos combined with a bit of Olympic flair.

The shoes themselves are designed to be tailored specifically to an athlete, as a 3D scanner takes note of the athlete's feet, and creating the shoes using a manufacturing process called selective laser sintering -- basically a form of 3D printing that involves lasers. Neat. Perhaps these are a look into the future, where every athlete is able to print off some custom trainers -- and not just custom coloured Nike ID kicks. [Cnet]