RapidShare Aims Its Guns At Dropbox With Its New RapidDrive

By Sam Gibbs on at

RapidShare, favourite of file sharers everywhere, has decided it wants to go legal and grab a slice of the tasty Dropbox-style pie. It's just unveiled its brand new RapidDrive cloud sync and storage service, which is bound to make finding those personal files even easier.

It's currently in "beta" form, and basically integrates a RapidShare pro account into Windows, so there's no free cloud storage on offer here like most of the others. A Mac client is also planned, but won't be here till September when the service officially comes out of beta.

RapidShare used to be know for its host of less-than-legal files, so I'm not sure whether you'd want to trust the company with the kind of files you stick on Dropbox. I also don't know anyone who's got a RapidShare pro account, but there must be some out there. Not much of a threat to Dropbox then, but who knows, this might be the holy grail of file sharing -- it is pretty cheap at least. [RapidShare via Neowin]