Sky Screws Over Android With Now TV App (and Some Photoshop Magic) (Update: Now With Less Photoshop)

By Chris Mills on at

One of the more appealing things about Now TV has got to be the loooong list of platforms it supports. Turns out, though, that when Sky said they'd support Android, they actually meant a slack handful of old handsets and no yummy Ice Cream Sandwich, or Jelly Bean for that matter.

The list of Android handsets you can run this on isn't exactly long or impressive: the HTC Desire, HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire S, HTC Incredible S, and Samsung Galaxy S. The more keen-eyed among you might've noticed that list doesn't include any of the HTC One series or, for that matter, the Samsung S3 that Sky have included in the header image (the same one they use in the Google Play store). So, either it works fine with the S3 and Sky's marketing team really needs to work on their communication, or Photoshop came out to play. Either way, Sky really should shift its lazy arse into gear and start supporting decent handsets, y'know, the ones you might actually want to watch TV on?

Mind you, it's not like we should be surprised. The Sky Go app's been out for a while, and it still has the same pathetic list of supported devices. Maybe Rupert Murdoch's just an iPhone man after all... [Google Play Store]

Update: Gizmodo changes the world! Sky have since changed the header image (see below for the before and after shots), corrected the list of compatible devices (it now includes the S2) and told us they're really, really sorry and they're doing the bestest they can to roll the app out to as many people as possible.