Southampton Now Less of a Military Dictatorship as Taxis Ordered to Stop Spying on Passengers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Southampton City Council has been told to amended its intrusive taxi laws, which required all cabs in the area to use CCTV and audio recording devices to monitor passengers in the back of its cabs.

The move, supposedly designed to offer increased security for both driver and intoxicated punter, was found to be "disproportionate" according to the Information Commissioner's office, which says the Southampton City nanny state was simply going way too far in requiring all cabs to record audio of their passengers' conversations.

The City Council defended its move saying that conversations were encrypted and only referred to if there was some complaint or issue concerning the trip, so it may appeal the decision. Also, CCTV recording without audio is definitely staying, so Southampton residents still need to be a bit careful about mouthing insults and making crude finger gestures. [Yahoo]

Image credit: Taxi from Shutterstock