Taking a Photo of Yourself Flying an F-16 Is the Only Good Self-Profile-Pic

By Jesus Diaz on at

The self-portrait is a risky, easily mangled gambit. It can go very wrong. So if you're going to take the plunge, go for gold and do something like shooting yourself in the cockpit of an F-16D Fighting Falcon.

Here's text from the USĀ Air Force's Flickr page:

Staff Sgt. Desiree Palacios tests and make final settings on her camera before taxiing out to on sortie in a F-16D Fighting Falcon with the 182 Fighter Squadron, Lackland Air Force Base, TX. Sgt. Palacios is an aerial photojournalist whose duty is to document the visual story of this fighter mission. Because of the intense number of activities required of all aircrew during flight, only aerial photographers are allowed to take hand-held photographs. The aerial photographer's duty is the safe documentation of aerial missions for a variety of Department of Defence uses. The popular rearward photograph of fighters in the cockpit are usually of aerial photographers who use themselves to help show the human element in fighter jet environment.

Emphasis added. Since sure it's to show the human element of a fighter jet, and not an excuse to take the BEST FACEBOOK PROFILE PHOTO EVER. [Flickr]