Headphones featuring their own volume and playback controls are a grand convenience since it means you can leave the device you're listening to buried in your pocket. But instead of placing a subtle set of buttons on the cord, Denon's new AH-D400 Urban Raver cans feature a large easy-to-access volume knob right on your ear.

It certainly makes it easy to quickly adjust the volume without having to fumble or feel your way over a set of tiny buttons, but the problem is, that knob is just as easy for someone else to mess with too. But is that a reason to completely dismiss a pair of headphones that also come with 50mm drivers and a built-in amp for added bass, and work with an accompanying iOS/Android app for configuring custom EQs? Absolutely not. But their £255 price tag and battery that has to be recharged every 12 hours might be.

The Giant Volume Knob On These Headphones Makes It Easy For Anyone To Crank Your Tunes

[Denon via Chip Chick]