This Flying Car From the '50s Can Be Yours For Just Over £800k

By Jon Partridge on at

Okay, screw RIM. Who needs their fancy private jets that can seat loads of people and costs a tonne of cash when we can get an even sweeter flying car for a fraction of the price?

Aircraft collector Greg Herrick is selling up his 1954 Taylor Aerocar N-101D flying car, simply because it doesn't quite fit into the vision he has for his aircraft collection, citing that he's more interested in the 'golden age of aviation'. Screw that, how much more golden can you get than a flying car!?

Designed back in 1949 by Moulton Taylor, the Smithsonian claims that only five of these flying delights were ever made, each one capable of hitting 60mph and, of course, soaring through the skies. Flying cars in some shape or form have always been the dream of the future. Back to the Future had them. The Jetsons had them. Even Futurama had them. And at just $1.25 million (around £800k), it definitely seems like a steal compared to RIM's offerings. So, where do I sign that cheque? [Smithsonian via DVICE]