Trains Can't Stop at the Olympic Park Because It's Just Too Hot

By Sam Gibbs on at

We're already in travel chaos and the Olympics haven't even started yet. The mini heatwave we're suffering from at the moment has meant it's actually too hot for trains to stop, and they have to crawl along lines to prevent damage. A truly fantastic showcase for Britain's transport network to the world, amirite?

The mainline trains are apparently suffering because of aging overhead wires that sag when it gets too hot (I know the feeling). That means the trains have to run at restricted, crawling speeds -- delaying journeys and, amazingly, forcing trains not to stop at Stratford for the Olympic park. That put a whole load of spectators and performers heading to the Opening Ceremony rehearsals off track, causing serious delays...which certainly bodes well for Friday. If that wasn't enough, the Tube between Heathrow and central London was borked on the busiest day for Olympic arrivals, too.

Considering the Olympics officially kicks off in just two days time, we're really setting the country up for an embarrassing fall. There have been many a naysayer over London's transport network's ability to cope; these failures and issues just seem to be confirming our worst fears. What happens when competitors can't actually get to their event on time, or how about the officials and legions of Olympic staff for that matter? Time to cross your fingers and hope for the best really, as there's not a lot we can do now. [Metro]

Image credit: Trains from Shutterstock