Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Chocolate, and Gorge On Your Own Hipsterism

By Jon Partridge on at

We're pretty fond of Instagram around here, but I'm not really sure why, if I'm honest. Perhaps it's the quirky little square-shaped photos that the app digitally pops out, or maybe it's just the array of filters to make everything look pretty? Nonetheless, here's something that really makes the most of it: Cocoagraph, or chocolate Instagram 'prints'.

Based in Philadelphia, the confectionery-company might have send a freezer full of them to us here in the UK to get us through this sudden sun, I'm thinking. Taking inspiration from instant Polaroid photos of old, the square chocolate bars are fully customisable to your liking: you can pick what kind of chocolate you want (milk, white, dark or organic dark); what kind of frame (even with custom messages), and (here's the kicker), you don't even have to use Instagram photos, if you don't want -- you can send over whatever you want as long as it's over 300 DPI.

You could even get some Inception style chocolate-eating going on, I reckon, by taking a picture of a chocolate; getting it 'developed' and then witnessing the chocolate in a chocolate craziness. Brilliant. Check out the delicious teaser above and start wishing they were UK-based. [Cocoagraph via DesignTaxi -- Thanks, @katiesol!]