Twitter's Rolling Over and Giving Up the Details of a Satirical Account

By Sam Gibbs on at

Bad news for anyone who's running some sort of parody account. Twitter's being forced to give up all the information it has on the owner of a spoof account of Steve Auckland, chief executive of Northcliffe Media, sister company to Associated Newspapers. Seems parody is no longer safe.

The idea that a parody account, clearly labelled so with @UnSteveDorkland, could be targeted with such legal venom like this is, frankly, not funny. It's fair enough if someone's being abusive or slandering your good name by actually, truly pretending to be you and confusing others in the process, but surely just laughing off parody is the better alternative.

We'll see how far this gets in the courts, but something tells me running a parody Twitter, or any other social media account for that matter, has just gotten just a smidgen more dangerous. [Guardian]

Image credit: Judgement from Shutterstock