Virgin and Vodafone Pull out of the UK's "Open Internet" Charter

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some UK ISPs have opted out of signing up to a scheme that would guarantee a full and open future for the internet. Virgin Media, Vodafone and Everything Everywhere are among those that aren't happy with the current wording of the agreement.

The concept behind the "open internet" ideal is to ensure customers know they're getting "full and open access" to the internet when signing up for a package, with ISPs pledging not to block or restrict access to any sites without good reason for traffic shaping purposes (or a court order).

The Open Internet Code of Practice contains three big new ideas; that ISPs provide full access to an uncensored internet, that they don't market internet access to customers if it's a limited or filtered service, and that they stop criticising packages offered by the competition.

Virgin Media says the current code is "too vague" to commit to in its current form, while Vodafone believes it's impractical as it stands. [BBC]