Watching This Star Wars Parody of "a Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self" Makes Me Think Darth Vader Might Have a Soul

By Chris Mills on at

You've seen a 30 year old American filmmaker have a conversation with his 12 year old self. But, if you skip forward in time and swap VHS for holograms, you can see Darth Vader's softer side in this hilarious parody.

Sample dialogue:

Anakin: You look different

Darth: Well my face melted off and my body was reconstructed with a bionic lung. But you should see me without the mask.

Annakin: Ooooh, pod racing, yayayayayayayay!

Still, although it's less impressive as there's no need to actually reconstruct the tape to make a coherent conversation, you've gotta love a bit of Darth getting all emotional around a virtual representation of his younger self. [Youtube]