A 4G iPhone 5 Could Run On Everything Everywhere's 4G Network This Year

By Sam Gibbs on at

After all the rumours about the iPhone 5, here's one we can actually get behind here in Blighty. There's a distinct possibility that the next iPhone, which likely packs LTE, could work on Everything Everywhere's incoming 4G network thanks to the 1800MHz band it'll be using. An actual 4G iPhone we can genuinely use here in the UK? Now that'd be awesome.

Of course, this is all rumour and conjecture, but it's based on the fact that by using the 1800MHz band, Everything Everywhere, and possibly even Three, could have hit the jackpot. Basically, a couple of our European neighbours; countries in Asia, and even Australia, are also using the 1800MHz band for 4G within their boarders. That means Apple's got a much bigger target audience for 4G on said band, meaning that even if it's not aimed directly at the UK, LTE iPhones could well work here, unlike the current "4G" iPad.

Interestingly, Everything Everywhere, despite originally saying just dongles and a smaller-scale rollout of 4G devices would be likely, TechRadar was told by EE that it is looking to push out 4G-capable phones before the year is out.

There aren’t many advantages of being late to the 4G party, but one of them is that there are already a fair few LTE-packing phones, tablets and other devices available. Let's hope Apple's thought ahead far enough to gift the next generation iPhone a multi-band LTE chip. Then the iPhone 5 really will be something worth upgrading to, and it'll hopefully spur the likes of Samsung, Google and HTC to dump a load more 4G phones and tablets in our British laps.