Common Sense Prevails Again as Daily Mail Group Drops Spoof Twitter Lawsuit

By Sam Gibbs on at

Having been warned by Twitter that it was going to have to hand over details of the owner of an anonymous spoof account of a Daily Mail group executive, said owner won out on appeal. Now Northcliffe Media has backed down, but does this mean parody is OK again?

It's tough to tell whether we'll see more like this, but it's great news to hear that the parody account owner was able to successfully challenge the subpoena against Twitter, thanks to some pro-bono lawyering.

Hopefully this'll serve as a deterrent going forwards for legal action against parody accounts. It's one thing to have a word and see if you can stop abuse, if there is any, but it's another to launch a legal campaign. So, for now, spoof away; just don't get too, err, close to the bone, OK? [BBC]

Image credit: Twitter from Shutterstock