Hideo Kojima Confirms an Avi Arad-Produced Metal Gear Solid Movie Is In the Works

By Jon Partridge on at

Talk of a Metal Gear Solid movie has been the stuff of legend, just ideal speculation wafting around the Internet and wishful thinking of dream actors and premises. But speculate no more, as Hideo Kojima has put all aborted projects in the bin and has triumphantly announced that Columbia Pictures will be taking on the mega-franchise and has got the Marvel Studios-producing-whiz Avi Arad at the production helm.

Previously, all attempts to get the stealth series to the big screen have been cut short, and despite the cinematic nature of the Metal Gear series, it has never been able to make the leap. Moneyball producer Mike De Luca was working on an adaptation back in 2008, but that fell through only a couple of years later.

The latest attempt was announced at the 25th anniversary for the series in Tokyo, with Avi Arad taking the stage to announce the project. With many previous video game adaptations being well, crap, Arad has stated that video games are essentially the comics of today, and that Columbia would take its time to ensure the movie was faithful to the Metal Gear universe.

The Iron Man and Amazing Spider-Man producer should be set to produce a well oiled flick, as superhero flicks with much more bizarre premises have made it to become multi-million box office hits, and Arad has had a good number of well-strung successes. The project currently has no director or actor attached, and despite Kojima's admiration for Christopher Nolan, I personally don't quite think that is going to happen. [Kotaku via The Guardian]

Image Credit: 4Gamer.net