HSBC Declares All iPhones "Unsafe PCs"

By Jon Partridge on at

What a brilliant app. Not. HSBC's iPhone app for online banking declares that all iPhones are not phones at all. Rather, they are identified as unsafe and unprotected PCs that desperately need some security software. I really wonder how that got through the App Store.

Anyone trying to install the 'much-needed' security software would probably have a bit of a headache, as er, iPhones just ain't PCs. When you run the app and try to login to a business account, it informs you that you don't have Rapport's security software running, and it also occurs when you try and login to the website on the phone too. There's a button that says 'Remind me in 14 days', which upon a click, will take you through to your banking, yet you'll be reminded again that your phone is in fact a PC in two weeks' time.

Not what you would expect from a high-profile bank, as these things really should be tested. But what about Android phones too? I wonder if HSBC reckons those are not secure? Not that Android users would have much luck installing the software either, but at least they have the potential to actually be PC-like. [The Register]

Image credit: Virus from Shutterstock