MP Wants to Bring Google In Front of Committee Over Dodgy Tax Dealings

By Jon Partridge on at

Sure, we know that Google already dodges the taxman, but despite the search giant apparently wanting to pay more, John Mann, MP and member of the Treasury Select Committee, wants to yoink a Google executive by the collar and bring 'em in front of the Committee to justify their tax failures.

Mann had a few things to say about the company's £6 million tax bill on £395 million in earnings, calling the tax dodging scheme "entirely improper and immoral," and that "it would be highly appropriate to pull a Google executive in front of the Committee to justify their failure to pay proper taxes" sometime in the next eight months before Easter.

The system that Google utilises to minimise tax expenses involves Google UK being employed by Google Ireland, which ultimately receives the cash from the UK sales. Much of the money is then sent as a fee to a firm in Bermuda -- which apart from being known for the Bermuda Triangle -- it is also known as a tax haven. Of course, what Google is doing is completely legal, and paying more tax would probably leave a sour taste in the mouths of shareholders. But then again, it does fall into a kind of legal grey area; perhaps Google should speak to Jimmy Carr's accountant for a bit of advice. [The Independent via The Verge -- Cheers Darrell!]