Piana The Pi Powered Synth Will Rock You

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Raspberry Pi just keeps getting better doesn't it? First a Pi powered tank; a bolt on to add Wi-Fi to your DSLR and even a Pi powered universal translator. But now we have the budget synth to make all kinds of music on, thanks to the power of Pi.

I'm no sound tech engineer but I know that your average synthesiser can cost well over £500. But this one? Well, it costs less than £50 thanks to Raspberry Pi's insanely low price. Omenie, the guy behind it, has been blogging his progress which looks like it's coming along at a startling pace. If you're in the market for a budget synth for your 80's glam-rock tribute band, he's the guy to watch. [RaspberryPi.org -- Cheers Darrell!]