Watch Out Who You Friend; Facebook Has 83 Million Fakers Just Waiting For You

By Sam Gibbs on at

There are 83 million Fakebookers out there, according to a recent company filing, and it's causing issues for Facebook. That really hot girl who just friended you, yeah, it's probably a sweaty dude sitting in his boxers in the basement, stuffing week-old pizza into his face.

Of the 995 million active Facebook users, the company estimates that 8.7 per cent, or 83 million accounts are fake, separated into three categories: duplicates (what, you don't have three different Facebook accounts?); wrongly categorised accounts, like businesses mascaraing as people, and "undesirables" or those that are trying to scam, spam or trick people.

Facebook's worried about the number of fakes because of the tough scrutiny its advertising model, which is about the only way Facebook's going to make any real money, is currently under. You'd think if Facebook was worried about fakes, Twitter should be down right bricking it. Everyday I get at least three spam bots pestering me with obscured URLs. I can't imagine how many fake Twitter accounts there are in the world. [BBC]

Image credit: Lazy from Shutterstock