A UK 4G-Capable iPhone 5 Practically Confirmed By EE's CEO

By Sam Gibbs on at

While EE didn't come out and say it directly -- I think Apple would have shot them for that -- while on stage talking about incoming LTE phones for the UK's first 4G network, EE's CEO, Olaf Swantee, drop some extremely heavy hints that it would be carrying a 4G iPhone 5 "soon."

Swantee's precise words were:

"We'll be offering handsets from Samsung, HTC and Huawei and… one more thing… other firms soon."

OK, Nokia wasn't mentioned by name, even though we know Nokia's new Lumias are coming to the 4G network, but if that doesn't scream UK 4G-capable iPhone 5, I'm not sure what does. So, I'd say practically confirmed, but don't count your chickens until Tim Cook gets up on stage tomorrow and officially announces it.