Apple Buying Up LTE Patents for Future Samsung War Over iPhone 5

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple has been on a patent shopping bender over the last 12 months, buying up plenty of ammunition for bargaining and legal security against any attacks Samsung may launch on its next iPhone.

According to reports from Korea, Apple's gone from holding zero LTE-related patents to well over 400 in the space of a year. Only 44 of those were developed and registered by Apple itself, with the rest bought from outsiders and the majority coming via the purchase of assets that belonged to failed telecoms firm Nortel, some of which Apple acquired as part of a consortium alongside Microsoft, EMC, Ericsson, RIM and Sony.

Samsung is the top holder of LTE patents with some 819 registered in its name, and is thought to be well excited about the possibility of bashing Apple with them should LTE technology be inside its next-gen iPhone.

So if you thought the endless news about technical patent disputes was boring now, just you wait. [Chosun Ilbo via Techradar]