Apple Remembers Bittorrent is Bad and Removes all Torrent Apps Again

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple's recent flirtation with Bittorrent apps is over, with the iTunes administrators set to remove all trace of the few torrent controller apps that managed to sneak themselves past the company's famously strict approval process.

The news comes via Craig Donnelly, developer of uTorrent controller app Conttrol, who was stunned when Apple approved it for distribution via iTunes. He's now less than shocked by news of its imminent removal, revealing that Apple rang him up to tell him the whole allowing-torrent-apps thing was one big error.

"The nice girl on the other end of phone said that Conttrol had been approved by mistake and Apple were sorry for the inconvenience but apps of this nature are not allowed in the store," Craig said, with Apple set to pull his app over the next few days. [TorrentFreak via TNW]

Image credit: Yasuhide Fumoto/Getty Images