Apple's New iPhone 5 "Lightning" Dock Connector Might Be USB3.0

By Sam Gibbs on at

We'll find out later today, but rumours surrounding Apple's new "Lightning" dock connector seem to suggest it'll be USB3.0, not Thunderbolt, which would make perfect sense for Windows-using iPhone-wielders the world over. Lightning quick syncs, but wide compatibility? Yes, please.

Apple does have a history of not going with its own, preferred connections when it comes to the iDevice line. Back in 2003 Apple dumped what was a fairly Mac-specific connector in the form of Firewire, for the more widely used USB. While Thunderbolt is technically faster than USB3.0 its also no where near as widely used, even if USB3.0 is still relatively scarce apart from on new machines. Plus, a Thunderbolt connection would require more chips in the iPhone, make it thicker, and more expensive for Apple to put together.

So, USB3.0 certainly makes sense, especially as it'll likely take the form of a backwards compatible cable. I don't know about you, but if I'm filling up 64GB of space, the faster the sync the better. We'll find out from 6pm today. [AppleInsider]