Apple's Ping Social Network Finally Dies on September 30th

By Gary Cutlack on at

That isn't a threat, it's just based on the fact that the latest version of iTunes launches in October, with no official support for Apple's failed music-themed social networking portal. Apple's already stopped letting users sign up for Ping, ahead of the closure of the service at the end of September.

Launched as part of iTunes 10 at a big, spangly, Apple-can-do-no-wrong hysterical event in September of 2010, Ping was supposed to deliver a ready-made social network for Apple fans that'd use iTunes and their music listening habits as a basis for bringing everyone together, following celeb accounts and generally buying more music as a result.

Only it seems Apple users aren't that bothered about socialising (or can't bear to spend more time than is absolutely necessary looking at iTunes) and the Ping dream is now over. [9to5Mac via Techradar]