Australian "Sex Party" Gets a Headache About Google Ad Ban

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a political party in Australia that calls itself the Sex Party. We are not sure what it stands for, but its members are rigid with fury with Google and Facebook for refusing to run their election adverts.

Despite what the party name might suggest, Google didn't ban the ads due to any sex-related impropriety. Google in fact says it refused to run ads for the party due to some obscure rule about soliciting for donations while not displaying a disclaimer about the party's tax exempt status.

The Sex Party says this amounts to "unlawful interference" by Google in the run up to the July 12th by-election, with Australian Sex Party president Fiona Patten saying: "By engaging in wrongful conduct against the Sex Party, Google has provided an advantage to the Labor Party and the Greens."

The Sydney Morning Herald says Facebook also refused to run the apparently political ads, this time for believing the Sex party was offering "adult products or services." [SMH via TNW]

Image credit: Sex Party