Desperate For an iPhone 5? You Can Buy One Right Now For Horrendous Sums

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Hong Kong grey import/export market is going to make even more money than Apple from the launch of iPhone 5, with limited stocks of Apple's new phone already on sale in Hong Kong for approaching £700 a pop.

Apple fans in Hong Kong have been posting about iPhone 5 stock availability on the ePrice forums, with one new iPhone 5 owner taking a few photos of the phone he paid way too much money for simply to have a day before everyone else. He will sleep well tonight, at least.

Quoting a local retailer caller Mr Lo, MIC Gadget claims initial stocks of the iPhone 5 are relatively limited, with Mr Lo agreeing to buy sealed phones from customers who've pre-ordered them from Apple for a £150 premium, in order to send the out of the country and sell on to others.

So if Apple can't meet launch demand, there ought to be a man who can, for a price. [MIC via MacRumors]