DIY Chain Wickes Voted UK's Coolest Brand

By Gary Cutlack on at

A panel of 3,000 consumers and 39 "experts" have decided upon what they believe to be the UK's coolest brand, with discount DIY superstore Wickes winning the crown. Actually, no. It was Apple. They chose Apple. They always choose Apple.

The entirely predictable winner and "coolest" UK brand was chosen ahead of YouTube, which was voted the second coolest name in the UK thanks to, er, its collection of amateur make-up application tips and bootleg football clips.

For some bizarre reason luxury motor maker Aston Martin managed to sneak in to third place, although we doubt any of the 3,039 voters and fashionable CoolBrands panel members are particularly familiar with its vehicles. Fourth supposedly coolest UK brand was Twitter, with Google in fifth in this meaningless contest, surely designed only to grab some publicity in the iPhone 5 launch window. [BBC]