"Evernote for Women" Is Happening, Because Ladies Need Their Internet Pink and Simple

By Molly Oswaks on at

Evernote offers a pretty excellent family of products. Even as a woman*, I can affirm this. Skitch, in particular, is a personal favourite. You'll see us use Skitch on photos in posts here on Gizmodo pretty regularly.

Which is why the idea of an "Evernote for Women" seems, to me, completely ridiculous and unnecessary and — yes insulting. To be fair to Evernote, this new female-friendly service has absolutely no relation. SomNote (not SomNote) is new free app service that lets you "record and save important information, brilliant ideas, and moments of everyday life easily and securely" on iPhone, Android and the web.

Why SomCloud has chosen to silo women in this way is anyone's guess. Wouldn't it make more sense to market a product like this one—which is really not gendered in any obvious way that I can tell—towards both men and women? [@marcidale, H/T @arikia]