Eye Witness Captured Nokia Faking its Lumia 920 Stills

By Gary Cutlack on at

The scandal of Nokia's faked PureView video stabilisation tech demo has expanded to include the example still photos shot with the device which, it turns out, were actually stills from the faked video. Nothing's real. The Lumia 920's probably just a rebranded HTC.

The image above, taken on the set of the shoot by a bystander who was watching the action, clearly shows a chunk of the DSLR lens used to take the video and shots on the left of the image. It also shows that Nokia's cheating a little by using professional lighting to illuminate the lady, plus she's a hired model with better hair and skin than the people we're likely to be taking photos of out in the real world. It's all LIES.

Nokia's now added the disclaimer "simulation of OIS technology" to the still shots, with Nokia man saying:

For clarification, the first photo was shot by a bystander in Helsinki and apparently posted by them to the Internet. It shows the production set-up being used for the video for which we have apologized for not being transparent. Indeed, a Lumia 920 was not used to illustrate the benefits of optical image stabilization and we regret the error. The other still images in this post were extracted from that video. Again, we have posted an apology and the video is now clearly marked.

It's all one big, awful mess, that's undermining what should've been Nokia's best shot at releasing a seriously impressive smartphone. [Sefsar via Gizmodo Australia]