Freesat's Taking Sky and YouView Head-On With the Help of Netflix

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like BBC and ITV's Freesat has Sky and YouView set squarely in its sights. By adding Netflix, catch-up TV, and other on-demand services, Freesat could have just become the on-stop shop for all things TV in the UK. It's adding more on-demand with an incoming new box, that'll allow you to scroll back in time and play catch-up stuff just like YouView, as well as stream stuff from Netflix and potentially LoveFilm and others too.

Having launched in 2008, Freesat uses a satellite dish to deliver your TV without a subscription. It was one of the only free ways to get all 24 of the BBC's Olympic HD channels, plus Channel 4's three Paralympics HD channels, and boasts a decent roster of HD TV including BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

Current Freesat HD boxes can already pull down BBC iPlayer and ITV Player, so it's not a shock that Freesat's adding more services into the mix. Let's just hope its new box doesn't cost the Earth like YouView's does; free HD TV now with all the streaming you can shake a stick at -- sounds like a winner to me. [Telegraph]