How Long It Takes to Earn a Beer, Visualised

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Sometimes, the best bits of data analysis are the simplest ones. Like this gem, uncovered by The Economist yesterday, which shows the average number of minutes you need to work in order to afford a beer.

The data was actually put together by researchers from the bank UBS, so I reckon we can trust the figures. Unfortunately it seems we have to work harder than our American cousins for our beverage of choice: the data shows that an average Briton has to work for about 15 minutes to earn a beer. Compare that to the US where it's more like 6 minutes, and you, rightly, feel a tad hard done by. Still, at least we're not in India where it's upwards of 50 minutes per beer. [Economist]

Image by Shutterstock/Boule