HTC Could Win US iPad and iPhone 5 Sales Ban in Big Patent Win for Team Android

By Gary Cutlack on at

HTC appears to be in a strong position when it comes to the next wave of mobile legal battles, with a US judge saying he's unlikely to rule in Apple's favour in the latest tedious war over who-invented-what first.

The particular patent in this Apple/HTC case covers a method of shifting big files over fast mobile networks, something rather important when it comes to the emerging wave of 4G devices. Apple has been asking a US court to declare HTC's 4G patents invalid, although the judge in the case appears to be siding with HTC, according to quotes coming out of Bloomberg's tech desk.

Given that the patent in question was only acquired by HTC in April of 2011, Apple's lawyers are feeling rather hard done by, claiming HTC's only acting here in "retaliation" over previous patent wars.

However, a win for HTC would see it able to seek a ban on sales of Apple's newest and (so-called) 4G iPad, plus it may jeopardise sales of the iPhone 5, should that arrive with the same 4G tech inside. Given HTC's wobbly performance of late, any chance of securing some licensing cheques from Apple would also go down very well with its accountants. [Bloomberg]