Is Apple Finally Over its iOS Bittorrent App Ban?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple used to take a hard-line approach to Bittorrent apps on iTunes, rejecting all code that referenced or appeared to encourage the use of the popular file sharing format. But with a few BT apps appearing on iOS over the last few weeks, has it seen the light?

The observation comes via TorrentFreak, which notes that a handful of Bittorrent controller apps have appeared on iTunes of late, and have managed to stay there without being pulled. uTorrent manager Conttrol has been up there for a week now, with other Torrent management apps available, too. None actually allow the download of torrents direct to the phone, though, so perhaps Apple has decided that Torrent tools are fine, while direct downloads will remain the joy of those who've gone down the "jailbreak" route.

Conttrol's developer Craig Donnelly spoke to TorrentFreak about his iOS luck, saying: "We all know there is a stigma associated with the BitTorrent protocol and that it is heavily associated with piracy. But I think this attitude has changed in recent years, and will change even further in the future." [TorrentFreak]