Is the HTC 8X Its First Windows 8 Phone?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently, what you're looking at here is the front page of the handbook for HTC's first Windows 8 Phone, cunningly named the 8X. Shockingly, it seems it'll come packing a touch screen, a camera, and, err, buttons!

OK, so we don't know a heck of a lot at this stage, but it certainly looks real, and if the manual's genuine, the 8X might even send you into space. Or you'll need to be a rocket scientist to understand it, of course.

I guess we'll find out this week what everyone's got in store for us with Windows Phone 8. Let's just hope they're a bit more inspiring than Samsung's Ativ S. [Twitter 1, 2 via Pocket Lint via TechRadar]